About Us
J W PILGRIM ASSOCIATES specialise in the provisión of high level strategic consultancy, management and capacity building and safeguards systems for social and institutional aspects of rural and agricultural development planning, and in land acquisition and livelihoods development and restoration in resettlement caused by highways, transmission line, tourism, hydropower and wáter resource development in the East, Central, West and North Africa, Central, South and Southeast Asia Regions.  The company has forty years of experience of consultancy for ADB, World Bank. IFAD and EC and for bilateral agencies and NGOs.    
Capacity Building
We provide courses (training, workshops and long-term post-graduate training) in social safeguards and social impact assessment, land acquisition and resettlement in highways and irrigation project planning, monitoring and evaluation, design and monitoring framework analysis, participatory poverty assessment and rural appraisal, monitoring and evaluation systems, agro-economic survey, qualitative social research, income restoration, participatory poverty assessment.
Countries of Professional Experience
Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Pakistan, Kashmir, Belize, Papua New Guinea, UAR, Egypt, Algeria, Kyrghizstan, Bulgaria, Haiti, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Rumania, Slovakia, Poland, PDR Yemen, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Zaïre, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ghana, Niger, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkino Fassu, Madagascar.
Experience Summary
Consultancy for the Government of Kenya on the social and economic effects of land enclosure in Kericho District, and on implications for family land tenure and on proposed legislation on
land inheritance.
Consultancy for identification and project preparation and appraisal of social, education and health aspects of resettlement of Kikuyu communities in the Bura irrigation agricultural project.
Technical assistance to provide for the creation and direction of an Applied Research Centre at the Panafrican Institute for Development at Buea and Douala for research support in the training of middle level rural and social development staff and management in Francophone and Anglophone African countries.
Design and conduct of local community mini-project financing for small livestock and crafts development and marketing.
Design and financing of a major IDRC funded project for rural employment migration in Western and North Western Cameroon, project design and training and supervision of multi-national African research team.
Consultancy for the preparation of agricultural extension, adapative research and gender aspects of the North West Province Agricultural Development Project for IFAD, with particular concern for women’s farm production and land rights.
Technical assistance management for the Crown Agents for the implementation and monitoring of the Cameroon North West Province Agricultural Development Project.
Niger, Senegal, Togo, Burkina Fasu
Post- training evaluation study of the experience and effects of training and work experience of ex-Panafrican Institute for Development trainees in four Francophone West African countries.
Consultancy for World Bank IDA and IFAD and for the Crown Agents for project design and supervision post-conflict agricultural rehabilitation through the procurement and distribution of hand tools to small farmers.
Consultancy for project preparation and appraisal for social and management aspects of West Coast estuary agricultural development for butter bean production and resettlement planning by settlers from poor upland communities.
Consultancy for IFAD for identification and planning of social and agricultural extension for post-Independence agricultural reform through the creation of a national agricultural extension and farmer training service in African farming areas.
Consultancy for IFAD and the African Development Bank for the planning and project preparation of farming, cooperative marketing and land tenure reform through the Byumba Integrated Rural Development Project
Sierra Leone
Consultancy and provision of Director for the creation of a School of Development Studies at Njala University College and course design for the teaching of agricultural and teaching trainees in development studies in a Faculty of Social Sciences
Consultancy for the Canadian University Service Overseas and for the Canadian International  Development Agency International NGO Division for the design and implementation of a self-managed NGO project monitoring and evaluation system for rural and agricultural development projects, including small-scale irrigated rice production and women's river-bed dry season well-irrigated vegetable production
Consultancy to the World Bank IDA for the identification and project preparation for resettlement and social aspects of Nile-fed Western Desert irrigation development projects for commercial crop production:
West Nubariya Irrigated Agricultural Development Project;
West Beheiry Irrigated Agricultural Development Project.
Consultancy to the World Bank for project identification and appraisal for the design and conduct of a cadastral survey and land titling.
Design and management for IFAD and the World Bank IDA of the small farmer technology transfer component of the Fifth Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan Project, providing supervised credit to some 400,000 households through the regional and 250 branch banks of ADBP throughout Pakistan, including improved fodder crops, tractor drawn implements, high speed tube wells in supplementary irrigation, protected cropping, precocious dwarfing decidous fruit tree nurseries, and high value medicinal and aromatic crops.
Planning of the livestock, horticulture and agricultural credit aspects of the Fifth Economic Development Plan for North West Frontier Province for the World Bank.  
Design and implementation of the Hill Farming Development Project for Azad and Jammu Kashmir for the World Bank, including forest nursery development, livestock and horticulture.
Evaluation for WFP of the use of powdered milk in refugee feeding programmes through a social survey and laboratory testing in Afghan refugee camps in the Swat Valley NWFP
Preliminary training programme for Afghan tribal leaders for purposes of the repatriation and resettlement of Afghan refugees in NWFP 
(Current) Advisory support to the National University of Laos
Design and conduct of AusAID/CPWF funded 14 months research and workshop project on Knowledge and Institutional Aspects of Social Safeguard Systems in Hydropower Development and its impact on indigenous peoples in Attapeu and Sekong Provinces, Lao PDR:   responsible for research and workshop/capacity development program on stakeholder awareness of Lao PDR safeguard regulations and guidelines,  and of practice of social safeguards, gender, indigenous peoples’ participation and rights in resettlement related to transmission line and hydropower dams development.  
Preparation of a Mekong Handbook on Social Safeguards (Resettlement Planning) in sustainable hydropower development and for training of government staff, developers and local consultants.
Consultancy to the Royal University of Phnom Penh for the design and conduct of a
 IDRC funded 2-year research programme on resettlement, post-disaster and labour migration, rural poverty and natural resource management in association with Ministries of Environment, Water Resources and Meteorology, and Rural Development,
Team Leadership AIT ASEAN Study on Social and Gender Aspects of Highways and Transportation:  Cambodia Study of the Central Trans-Asia Highway Corridor.
Resettlement Specialists, ADB GMS CAM Northwest Provincial Roads Improvement Project:  Design of survey instruments for Detailed Measurement Survey, Socio-economic survey, preparation of terms of reference for External Monitor and for Replacement Cost Survey Specialist;   preparation of an updated Resettlement Action Plan and training of MPWT and local consultants.
Social Development and Resettlement Consultants. ADB Tonle Sap Lowlands Rural Development Project, Cambodia, Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology:   Social impact assessment, land acquisition and resettlement planning, design and supervision of external monitoring and evaluation, in rural roads, small scale irrigation and rural infrastructure projects for purposes of sustainable livelihoods development and environmental conservation in Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Thom and Pursat Provinces.
ADB Cam Capacity Building TA for Income Restoration, Cambodia, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Resettlement Department:  Capacity Building for government and independent agencies and professionals for resettlement, livelihoods and income restoration in the context of public sector development projects.   Income restoration and livelihoods development for households severely impacted by the reconstruction of National Road No. 1 in Prey Veng Province.
Consultancy to JICA and Earth Systems Limited, Vientiane as Social Development Resettlement Consultants for research on the social impact and preparation of a resettlement plan, gender, HIV/AIDS and ethnic minority safeguard measures related to the construction of a transmission line on the Lao-Thailand border.
Consultants to GTZ, IL-I and KFW for a
socio-economic appraisal and benefit analysis of the TRIP tertiary roads programme and survey design for assessment of programme impact on agricultural production and market development, poverty reduction, administration, health and education,  in 10 locations in Northwest Cambodia.
Consultancy to the Asian Development Bank - ACIL Ltd, and Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Phnom Penh asResettlement Consultants, Northwest Irrigation Sector Project, Cambodia, in Pursat, Battambang, Banteay Meanchey and Siem Reap Provinces, for project
preparation and implementation of small and medium scale irrigated agricultural  
projects.  Conduct of cadastral and socio-economic surveys and staff training
and preparation of resettlement plans for subprojects, community information
and consultation, participation and land management, gender development,
livelihoods restoration and minority group development strategy.  Drafting of
TOR and supervision of NGOs for and conduct of  project implementation
monitoring and evaluation and reporting systems.
Consultancy tothe Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,  and World Bank
Socio-Economic Evaluation of World Bank Agricultural Productivity Improvement Project, small scale hydraulic component:   design and conduct of a socio-economic survey of 10 small-scale irrigation projects and recipient communities in Siem Reap and Kratie Provinces.
Consultancy to UNDP SEILA Programme and Aruna Ltd for a
Socio-economic evaluation of SEILA Small-scale irrigation projects.   Survey design, supervision of local consultants, fieldwork and data analysis on agrarian and socio-economic impact of small scale irrigation projects implemented in six Provinces. Evaluation and preparation of a report on small scale irrigation as a strategy for rural poverty reduction.
Consultancy to KCI and Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Government of Cambodia as
Socio-economic Consultants and Resettlement Specialists, Design and conduct of social assessment, socio-economic survey, community information and consultation, focus group meetings and cadastral survey  and the preparation of a Resettlement Plan for populations displaced by the rehabilitation and widening of the Poipet to Siem Reap Highway, ADB GMS Cambodia Road Improvement Project, including income restoration, gender mainstreaming and minority group development support.
Consultants to the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Cambodia. Social Development and Resettlement Specialist, Preparation and Implementation of the Stung Chinit Irrigation and Rural Infrastructure project Consultancy to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Cambodia asSocial Impact and Resettlement Consultants, Town Water Supply and Sanitation
Component, Sihanoukville,Tourism Development Project.   Detailed Measurement and
Socio-Economic Survey, community information and consultation,  replacement cost
survey and  Preparation of a Resettlement Plan.
Social Dimensions and Resettlement Consultants for the ADB Chong Kneas
Environmental Improvement Project, Cambodia:  preparation of resettlement,
information and consultation with the affected population, livelihoods restoration plan,
gender mainstreaming and ethnic minorities development plans for a community ,
being resettled in the context of the creation of a harbour in the northern Tonle Sap
Resettlement Consultant ADB GMS Cambodia Primary Road Improvement Project,
Poipet to Siem Reap:   conduct of sociological and detailed measurement survey for the
preparation of a draft Resettlement Plan, income and livelihoods restoration planning,
and review of impact on affected populations, Beanteay Meanchey and Siem Reap
Provinces;  cooperation with Provincial Government in the training of resettlement
Consultancy for Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick as Resettlement Consultant for the strengthening of monitoring and evaluation systems and the training of Ministry of Public Works and Transport staff and IRC, framing of terms of reference for the External Monitor for M&E for ADB Primary Roads Improvement and Primary Roads Restoration Projects, Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City NR1, and NR 5,6 and 7.
European Commission
Social Sector and Labour Market consultants to the European Commission
Social Protection and Labour Market Adviser for project preparation and programme design in Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia;   privatisation, in social protection and welfare sectors, job creation and training for the restructuring of the coal and steel industries.
Consultants for strategy, planning and implementation of the EC Programme for the Repatriation and Reintegration of Asylum Seekers, Vietnam in cooperation with Franklin Advisory Services and the Ministry of Labour, Social Welfare and War Invalides, Hanoi, leading to the successful repatriation and reintegration of 100,000 asylum seekers from Hong Kong to 3 regions of Vietnam.
UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Consultant to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office,and briefing for UK Ministry of Agriculture, identification and preparation of technical assistance, training and trade potential for an agricultural technical cooperation programme in the Baltic States and Soviet Union.
Provision of a Social Survey Advisor to the Mekong River Basin Secretariat, social and institutional aspects of resettlement and river basin development in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam;  studies of human resources development in integrated river basin development, population displacement and resettlement from irrigation projects in North East Thailand, including the Lam Pao Irrigation project and related social, training and educational policies in resettled and river basin  populations.
Authorship and publication:    Human Resource Development in Integrated River Basin Development.
Provision of an Advisor to the Chulalongkorn University and UNESCO for the strengthening and development of rural social science research capacities and programmes at the Chulalongkorn Social Science Research Institute, and the conduct and design of a rural manpower survey in the Ayyuthea District for ILO
Conduct of an inter-agency conference, and preparation of the UNESCO publication “Social Science Research and Rural Development”.
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