Development Consulants
Welcome to the J W Pilgrim Associates website.  
We set out below the areas of work and specialisms in which we are engaged, especially in social and institutional aspects of rural and agricultural development, rural infrastructure development, in involuntary resettlement and livelihoods restoration, and in planning for responses to, repatriation and reintegration of asylum seekers.
We welcome enquiries, both from development agencies and from other orgnisations and individual experts working in these areas and wishing to work with us,
J W PILGRIM ASSOCIATES provide expertises in the social and institutional planning and management of development and resettlement projects and programmes. 
They work with governments and aid agencies, from the conceptual stages of projects to their completion and evaluation, to ensure:
  • that the affected people participate in and are benefitted, and
  • that the project works economically and transparently within a sustainable institutional structure
With fifty years experience in the field,
J W PILGRIM ASSOCIATES provide expertise in rapid appraisal, scoping and strategic analysis for crisis management and long-term planning for rural and agricultural development and resettlement.
J W PILGRIM ASSOCIATES are specialists in undertaking social and institutional research to ensure the participation and benefit of populations affected by agricultural and infrastructural development and displacement.
J W PILGRIM ASSOCIATES are experienced in project design to reach time-bound objectives.   They specialise in assisting and in providing capacity building in project design, management and monitoring and evaluation systems. 
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